Some small tools for different use :-)

One doesn't have any gui - thats the ServiceKickstarter.
Have you ever had a Windows Service stopped with no reason - this is the helper.
On a scheduled basic, this Windows Service :-) checks the other services - If a service is set to run Automatic, and it's stopped, it will be kickstarted by our service.

Another little tool is this:

Email2EventLog - a small Windows Service, that monitors a Mailbox (currently only POP3) for emails containing different words of your choice. The service then creates Eventlog entries for SCOM to pick-up - great for monitoring older systems in SCOM - like AIX or Solaris, or any other source that can sent status' by email.
There is three kind of LookFor types - Error, Warning and Information.
Check it out - install from a Command Prompt (elevated) - thats all.
Contact me for further information or if you have a feature request :-)
Download here                     Contact me:


This one is nice to have when you work with Microsoft Operation Management Server (SCOM)




Fast Logfile viewer for large text files




LogZipper helps you to zip your logfiles and delete the soruce afterward - Saves a lot of space on your disks.



PingAlert - This tool pings your machines and sends out an email notification if you want.




Deployment tool - to be cuostomized after your needs. Basically have one source and X destinations - f.ex. content for webservers.




FlexDel - Delete files and folders after your specifications, especially good as scheduled task.